Constantly propping your iPad against books, pillows, or anything else that appears to provide some level of support for your device can be a real pain.

You're worried about it slipping from the not-so-solid support, interrupting your workflow, or perhaps even falling and getting damaged. Aside from that, holding your device for long periods is extremely uncomfortable.

But finding an iPad case that stands up without sacrificing convenience and style can be tricky. Luckily for you, we know where to look. 

What Are the Best iPad Cases That Stand Up?

Whether you are a student, a professional, or a casual user, the iPad case you choose can significantly impact your device's appearance and function.

To help you make the right choice, we have scoured the market to help you find the best iPad cases that meet your needs. Below is a quick comparison table to help you decide.

Product Name
Multiple View
Ease of Use
Average Score
Best for
Magic Keyboard
Case (Book-style)
Those who work
on the go
Traditional Two-Tone
iPad Case
Book lovers
Designer Solid
iPad Case
Otterbox Defender Series
Pro iPad Case
Rugged protection
JETech Case for
iPad 10.2-Inch
Tight budgets

Criteria For Selecting iPad Cases That Stand Up

Every iPad user has their preference regarding how they want their device to look and function. But when deciding how to choose the perfect iPad case that stands up, consider the following:


Stability is one of the critical factors for an iPad case that stands up. You want a cover that keeps your device in place without wobbling or toppling.

This is particularly relevant if you plan to use your iPad for typing, drawing, or other activities that require precision and accuracy. To choose the best case, ask yourself:

  • Does the case have a sturdy, secure fit?

  • Does the cover wobble or shake when you interact with the iPad?

  • What features help keep the case positioned (for example, magnets, grooves, etc.)?

Multiple Viewing Angles

Whether it's sitting in an upright position for easy writing or reclining at an angle to watch films, the case should offer you the flexibility to seamlessly adjust your iPad at any angle that suits your preferences.

Make sure to look at:

  • The number of different angles available

  • Whether or not the stand supports landscape and portrait viewing

Ease of Use

The built-in stand should also allow you to seamlessly transition between viewing angles without fuss.

For example, some cases feature foldable covers that allow you to change your angle super quickly, while others have built-in kickstands that you have to lock into place.

You also don't want the case to impede some functionality, like the camera and charging ports.

Best For Work on The Go

Utilizing traditional bookbinding techniques, the Magic Keyboard iPad Case is a testament to the timeless art of craftsmanship. Whether you are using it for work, school, or creative endeavors, this case is sure to impress.

But this iPad case isn't just a pretty face. It's specifically engineered to work with the Magic Keyboard's original design and functionality, allowing you to adjust the viewing screen for whatever activity you are in the middle of.

The device's magnetic hold and reinforced Tyvek™ strap create a secure hold for your iPad and keyboard, so you can be confident that your device is secure no matter where you use it.

The library-grade Buckram wrapping ensures the case looks and feels amazing while providing unparalleled durability. Plus, the two-toned spine adds a touch of class and sophistication to your iPad setup.

Key Features

  • Durable Tyvek™ Straps: Your Magic Keyboard simply slips into these reinforced straps, anchoring your device to the case without any fuss.

  • Apple Pencil Loop: With the elastic pen loop, you can keep your 2nd gen Apple Pencil charged and securely in place when not in use.

  • Adjustable Angle View: Fine-tune your viewing angle so you can find the ideal view for any task or activity.

  • Multi-layer Construction: The iPad case has a hardcover exterior and a cloth interior for reliable scratch and bump protection.


  • Easily switch between creative endeavors and administrative duties thanks to ergonomic design

  • The iPad is attached to the keyboard according to Apple's original design

  • It's handcrafted by local artisans with a keen eye for detail

  • It can be customized by adding a monogram


  • It is designed exclusively for the Magic Keyboard 

  • The elastic pencil loop may wear with use

Best for Book Lovers

Looking for an iPad case that makes you feel like you're holding a real book? You can't go wrong with the Traditional Two-tone iPad Case.

First things first: This case has a 360° foldable cover that lets you prop your device at multiple angles, making it easy to comfortably use your iPad for work or leisure. 

On top of that, these cases are handcrafted with library-grade Buckram and traditional bookbinding techniques for an authentic look that feels like holding a real novel in your hands.

And if you're the type of person that likes to take your iPad with you wherever you go, you also have the convenience of storing your 2nd gen Apple Pencil.

Key Features

  • Smart Cover Technology: A built-in Smart Cover puts your iPad to sleep when not in use and wakes it when you open the cover, saving your battery life.

  • Multiple Viewing Angles: The foldable cover lets you set up your device in both portrait and landscape viewing modes.

  • Apple Pencil Loop: Built-in Apple Pencil storage does not interfere with wireless charging.

  • Customization Option: Add a personal touch to your device by monogramming it with your favorite text or logo.
Two Tone iPad Case standing


  • It looks and feels like a real book

  • Designed with lightweight materials and multi-layered construction, this case keeps your device protected without adding weight

  • Made from high-quality materials that are built to last

  • The foldable cover allows you to fine-tune your viewing angles


  • Elastic loop only secures the 2nd gen Apple Pencil

  • Excessive use may wear out elastic

Best for Minimalists

Just because something is simple doesn't mean that it has to sacrifice functionality or style—And when it comes to choosing a case that can do both, look no further than the Designer Solid iPad Case.

These handcrafted cases feature a soft microfiber liner and a hard shell exterior that is both stylish and protective.

Its slim design and low-profile gel tray keep your iPad secure without adding unnecessary bulk. And when you are not using it, the smart cover puts it to sleep, saving your battery life.

When it comes to functionality, this case doesn't disappoint. The foldable cover lets you view your iPad from three angles.

And if you want to add a personal touch without adding being too flashy, you can opt for a monogram to make it truly yours.

Key Features

  • Three Viewing Modes: The foldable cover lets you set your iPad up in three angles: upright book-style reading mode, angled-viewing mode, and A-frame perching mode (perfect for relaxing on the couch or lying in bed).

  • Auto Sleep/wake: This case has Smart Cover technology that will automatically wake your iPad when you open your case and sleep when you close it.

  • Apple Pencil Compatible: It has a stylus holder that lets you take your 2nd gen Apple Pencil with you wherever you go.

  • Elegant Design: The Designer Solid iPad Case is crafted elegantly, using an ancient technique to give it a timeless, sophisticated look.

designer ipad case being held


  • It's lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around

  • The braided nylon elastic closure adds an extra touch of style while keeping your device safe

  • The simple, timeless design ensures your case will never go out of style

  • It's made from high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability


  • The fabric exterior requires cleaning to remove excessive dirt and oils

  • The elastic pencil loop is susceptible to wear

Best for Rugged Protection

Otterbox Defender Series ipad case

The Otterbox Defender Series has a reputation for being one of the toughest iPad cases on the market. 

Made from high-quality, durable materials, these cases are designed to protect your device against almost every scratch or drop you throw at it.

The screen-protecting cover also doubles as a stand, letting you prop up your tablet at the perfect angle for watching, taking notes, or even following a recipe in the kitchen.

They also have port covers that keep out dirt and debris, ensuring your device stays clean and functional no matter where you take it.

Key Features

  • Drop Protection: Drop+ technology offers twice the protection against drops compared to military standards.

  • Multi-layer Protection: You get an extra layer of defense from the shell, slipcover, and screen protector.

  • Shield Stand: With this feature, you can use your device hands-free.
Otterbox ipad case standing


  • Since it's designed to protect an iPad from drops, impacts, and scratches, it's a perfect choice for people who need a durable case that can withstand their lifestyle

  • This shield stand serves as a kickstand, holds the Apple Pencil, and protects your screen


  • It's bulky and heavy compared to other iPad cases

  • There's no auto sleep/wake feature to conserve battery life

  • It's only available in a limited number of colors which may not be popular with everyone

  • It's not the most elegant design

Best for Budget-Conscious Users

limited budget ipad case

If you're searching for an economical and reliable iPad case, the JETech Case is worth considering.

It keeps your tablet secure from everyday wear and tear, and its ergonomic design allows hands-free viewing with ease—all within a budget-friendly price point.


The synthetic exterior provides a sturdy layer of protection, while the smooth interior keeps your device scratch-free.

When it's time to catch up on your favorite shows or get some work done, you'll appreciate the built-in stand that lets you choose from two different viewing positions.

Key Features

  • Two Viewing Modes: You can adjust the angle of the screen for viewing and typing.

  • 360° Drop Protection: This case has reinforced corners and edges to protect your device from drops and impacts.

  • Perfect Cutouts: All the ports and controls are easy to reach, thanks to the precisely trimmed cutouts.
Limited Budget iPad Case standing views


  • An excellent option for those on a tight budget as it offers superb value for money

  • It's made with durable materials that protect against scratches and other forms of damage


  • While the synthetic exterior looks sleek, it is not as long-lasting as other materials like leather

  • The case is specifically designed for iPad 10.2-inch model, so it may not be compatible with other iPad models

  • It may offer little protection against bumps, scratches, and other impacts compared to high-end iPad cases

  • It doesn't have an Apple Pencil holder

Find a Case that's Right for You with DODOCase

Still need help finding an iPad case that stands up to your needs? Our wide selection of cases will surely find one that will do the trick. 

With a dazzling array of colors and styles available, you can find the perfect case to express your unique personality. Plus, we make cases to fit almost every size iPad, from the mini all the way to the newest iPad Pro.

And those of you who want to design your own case, we've got you covered.

Each of our cases comes with Smart Cover technology, a 2nd gen Apple Pencil holder, and a built-in stand. Check out our robust selection and find the case that's built for you.

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