Shockproof CARDcase for iPhone

Color: Traditional Black Leather

Ultimate Protection with Rugged Look

The Leather CARDcase ShockProof has the same fantastic features as our traditional CARDcase with a few subtle yet very important enhancements and features. 

The newly redesigned polymer tray offers an unsurpassed level of protection for your iPhone while maintaining sleek minimalist styling.  The traditional brown and black leathers fit seamlessly into a recess in the tray giving it a smooth, clean look.  The oil tanned and oil tanned antique leathers are a touch thicker and stand up just above the recess in the case.  The thicker leather gives the case a subtle yet rugged ready to take on the world look. As with any leather these cases will patina and change character with time and use.  We feel they look better with age.

Wireless charging compatible depending on number of credit cards in case

Not sure what model you have? Click here to view to visit Apple's Identify your iPhone model page.


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