Blowfish Leather Headphone Wrap

Color: Blue

The Blowfish Leather Headphone Wrap is your new best friend!

A premium Pergamena Leather wrap to keep you headphones organized and protected while on the go and not in use. No longer waste time unraveling your headphone wires when you want to use them or damaging them as you rummage through your bag to  pull them out. We know they're not cheap!

Simply tuck the bottom end of your headphone jack into the interior elastic loop, then wrap your headphone wire around the narrow section of the blowfish tail, and finally roll the leather tail inward towards the mouth where the snap is. And voila - you now have a handsome leather jacket neatly protecting your headphones from damage and destruction, keeping them perfectly coiled up in a nifty little protector. 

The elastic loop allows you to keep the Leather Wrap attached to your headphones when in use, so you'll always have it on hand. Don't waste time agonizing over the mess that becomes your headphones as you pull them in and out of your pockets. Get organized and protect your beloved little earbuds today!

Our Blowfish Leather Headphone Wrap is specifically made for earbud headphones that attached to a device with a wire. This Protector is perfect for Apple headphones and the like. 

Need help with your charger and other wires? We've got your back! Check out our matching Leather Cord Wrap, which is great for phone chargers or other USB connector cables. We've even made a matching Leather Pen Holder Attachment to really up your organizational game. Buy all 3 at an exceptional discount of 40% off in this Bundle! Get organized, stay connected, charged, and ready to jot at a moment's notice with the DODOcase Leather Cord Management System. 


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