5 Best iPad Cases that Work with the Magic Keyboard

The iPad has quickly become one of the most popular devices on the market, and for a good reason. Its large screen and portability make it perfect for watching movies, surfing the internet, or checking emails.

Apple's Magic Keyboard is one of the most popular accessories for the iPad. However, finding an iPad case that works simultaneously with the Magic Keyboard is not easy.

In this article, we're going to walk you through the top five iPad cases compatible with the Magic Keyboard.

Best Overall

The Book-style Magic Keyboard case is designed specifically to protect the iPad and the Magic Keyboard most effectively while taking advantage of the device's original features.

This case seamlessly attaches to the Magic Keyboard's magnets, maintaining the right balance between protection and style.

Top Features

  • A reinforced Tyvek™ strap: This is used to hold the case firmly in its place, allowing you to protect your device at all times.
  • Sleek and sophisticated design: With three timeless color combinations available, you'll be sure to find one that suits your style.
  • Apple Pencil storage: This case comes equipped with an elastic Apple Pencil loop, letting you keep your tech organized.
  • Option for personalization: Monogramming is a great way to personalize your iPad case and make it more unique. 


The price for this Book-style Magic Keyboard case is $79.95. Add a monogram option to customize the case for $9.95.

Best Sleeve for Magic Keyboard

The Magic Keyboard Durable Sleeve is the best option if you are looking for something to protect your iPad and Magic Keyboard on the go.

This high-quality sleeve features a leather tab snap closure and an interior elastic loop that keeps your Apple Pencil in place at all times.

This case doesn't attach directly to the iPad, yet it does offer excellent protection when the device is not being used.

Top Features

  • Roomy interior: The sleeve's design ensures that your iPad or Smart Keyboard is always protected, no matter where you go.
  • Handcrafted design: Skilled artisans carefully designed and examined every element of this case.
  • Multi-layer protection: This case has superior 3-layer construction for extra durability.


The Magic Keyboard Durable Sleeve is available for $74.95.

Best Case for Travel

Switcheasy's CoverBuddy case is a great option for busy professionals as it can be used with or without the Magic Keyboard, making it extremely versatile.

Even though this case is great to use with the Magic Keyboard, it doesn't provide complete protection in tablet mode due to the open part at the bottom of the case.

Top Features

  • Lightweight protection: This case is designed to protect your device without adding any bulk. 
  • Built-in Apple Pencil holder: You don't have to be concerned about losing it with the Apple Pencil storage built-in. 
  • Smart Connector: This case features a smart connector on its bottom, which allows for a pass-through connection between your iPad pro and any compatible keyboard. 


The CoverBuddy case starts at $47.99 and is available on Amazon.

Best Keyboard Case for iPad Pro

If you're looking for premium design and high quality, this Leather Bound Magic Keyboard Caseis your best option.

This handmade case combines durability and sleek design to protect your iPad, featuring library-grade Buckram, stitched Oil Tan Leather Spine, and Tyvek reinforced hinges.

Top Features

  • Premium quality: The case is handcrafted using ancient bookbinding techniques.
  • Extra storage options: Use a stitched pocket on the front panel to safely carry around your credit cards, ID, or cash.


You can get the Magic Keyboard Case for $87.95.

Thinnest iPad Case

PITAKA’s MagEZ Case 2 is a good option for those who don't want to add bulkiness and weight to their iPad while still covering all the bases.

This case doesn't offer extra protection for the Apple Pencil, but you can still attach it to the iPad magnetically.

Top Features

  • Thin and lightweight: The keyboard case is thin and lightweight, so it doesn't add bulk to your iPad.
  • Well-polished design: Cutouts for charging USB C port and three-side protection ensure you don’t sacrifice comfort for protection.


The MagEZ Case 2 is available for $69.99.

Still on the fence about which case works best for you?

Here's a comparison table featuring the cases featured above side-by-side to help you make an informed decision:





Book-style Magic Keyboard Case


Sleek and sophisticated design with many color combinations available.

Isn't fully compatible with the iPad when it's not attached to the Magic Keyboard

Magic Keyboard Durable Sleeve


Built with superior 3-layer construction to assure better protection.

Offers protection only when the device is not being used

SwitchEasy's CoverBuddy


Sleek, lightweight, and thin design.

Doesn't offer complete protection to the iPad when it's used without the Magic Keyboard

Leather Bound Magic Keyboard Case


Handcrafted using ancient bookbinding techniques

Not durable enough to protect the iPad from serious drops

PITAKA's MagEZ Case 2

$69.99 USD

Design that allows the Magic Keyboard to attach magnetically to the iPad.

Doesn’t offer extra protection for the Apple Pencil

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