MacBook Air Durable Sleeve

Color: Sage

Designed for Protection and Distinction

The Durables MacBook Air Sleeve is designed for protection and distinction to meet all your modern needs. Handcrafted using traditional sewing techniques, the new stylish sleeves for the MacBook Air 11" and MacBook Air 13" blend timeless fashion with modern function. Featuring genuine leather details and a waxed canvas exterior with your choice of Sage with orange poppy, Navy with red, and our newest color Black with Olive. A new leather tab with snap closure provides additional security for your precious laptop while on the go. 

Even though these sleeves were made for MacBook Airs they do accommodate some of Apple's other MacBook options. The MacBook Air 13" Sleeve will fit: the new MacBook Pro 13" with room to spare - about one inch lengthwise and one finger widthwise. The older MacBook Pro 13" will also fit nicely with a tiny bit of spare room lengthwise, and finally, the large iPad Pro 12.9" will fit with extra room, about 1.5" lengthwise and a centimeter widthwise. With the Smart Keyboard attached to the iPad Pro 12.9", it's a great fit with just about an inch left lengthwise. 

The MacBook Air 11" Sleeve fits the MacBook 12" nicely with about an inch of room lengthwise. A MacBook Pro 15" does not fit into either of these sleeves. 

MacBook Air 11" Sleeve dimensions: 8" x 1/4" x 12 1/8"
MacBook Air 13" Sleeve dimensions: 9 1/4" x 1/4" x 13 1/8"


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