Leather Apple Pencil Holder

Color: Brown

Handcrafted and American Made

Our Leather Apple Pencil Sleeve featuring a beautiful gold monogram is the perfect way to carry your Apple Pencil, keeping it secure, protected, and clearly marked as yours. This Apple Pencil holder was designed with function and style in mind. It is made with our super soft premium leather that comes from The Hide House in Northern California. The leather is a rich chestnut color, smooth to touch, and feels great in your hands. The gold foil-stamped monogram stands out as an elegant accent and helps to claim ownership of your newest tech tool, the Apple Pencil.

We specifically adjusted the height of the Apple Pencil pocket so there is enough room to easily bend back the monogrammed leather tab to grab hold of the Apple Pencil and pull it out with ease, without merely grabbing the removable end cap and having it pop off. The clean accent stitching along both sides of the Leather Pencil Sleeve are courtesy of our skilled craftsmen who take great care in their stitching and leathercraft work. 

Your Apple Pencil will remain securely nested in the sleeve when not in use and the monogrammed writing utensil pocket can double as a gorgeous handcrafted bookmark or placeholder. Our Leather Apple Pencil Sleeve is so handsome to look at you'll want to carry it with you everywhere! Keep your Apple Pencil secure and protected today in our nifty holder, that will certainly fetch many compliments. 

If you don't have the Apple Pencil, no problem! This beautiful leather sleeve works great for all sorts of regular pens and other styluses, which makes it a thoughtful gift for anyone regardless of their device lineup!

As always, thank you for supporting American made handcrafted products. We are sure this is one that will not disappoint!


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