Leather Cord Management Bundle

$23.95 $39.95
Color: Blue

The Whole Package

This super useful bundle features our Blowfish Leather Headphone Wrap, our Leather Cord Wrap, and our monogrammed (price of monograming not included) Leather Pen Holder Attachment. All of these items are meant to help keep you organized and save you time. Never have to sort through and untangle loose wires again, and always have a pen on hand!

The Cord Management Bundle saves you 40% off the retail cost of each of these products individually! However, if you're not craving all three, by all means, buy the individual items that make the most sense for you. Simply click on the individual product names. 

Each item is made out of premium Pergamena Leather, which comes from a 15-generation old tannery in New York. The leathers are vegetable-tanned using natural and biodegradable dies in an environmentally sound process, and they come from animals who have died naturally or been raised for food. The leather gets better with age and develops a rich patina over time. 

The Blowfish Headphone Wrap keeps your earbud headphones neatly organized and protected from the wear and tear of pulling them in and out of your bag or shoving them in your pocket. 

The Cord Wrap is like a little leather blanket that snaps around your phone charger, keeping the cable untangled and available at a moment's notice.

The monogrammed Pen Holder allows you to attach your pen to any notebook with an elastic closure - think Moleskine Notebooks or the like. It works great with planner books too. The beautiful optional gold monogram is foil stamped between the two snaps for an extra special touch. 

The Leather Cord Management Bundle is just what you need to stay organized and keep your sanity. You'll wonder how you ever survived without these handy little wraps! The sets are available in 3 different colors: Red, Black, and Blue. Pick the one that's best for you.  


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