Leather Snap Cord Holder 3 Pack

Color: Brown Leather

Durable and Stylish Cord Management

Our convenient little Leather Snaps are just what you need to keep your cords organized. They work great for charging cables, headphones, USB connectors, or anything else you might need to wrap up and neatly store out of tangle's way. Cables are messy and inconvenient as they're usually all tangled up with each other. Well fret no more, our Leather Cord Holder 3 Pack will solve your problem and calm your worries. They are super small, making them great for pockets and bags and feature a secure brass snap.

To use the Cord Holder simply undo the snap, place one end of your cord inside the middle of the leather strip and hold it in place. Then wrap the rest of the cord around the leather strip and fasten the snap, viola all done! Your cords will stay tightly wound and neatly out of site; perfectly organized for when you're ready to use them. 

The leather Snaps come in two color options Brown or Black leather. They are made out of our super durable, hearty logger's leather. Each pack features 3 Cord Holders, so you'll always have one on hand. 


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