Leather Cord Wrap

Color: Blue

The Leather Cord wrap is like a little leather blanket for your charging cable.

It snaps together hugging your cable keeping it organized, safe and protected from the mess of your bag or desk drawer. Never again rummage through a handful of cables trying to find your phone charger only to find it knotted up and wrapped around a bunch of others. Set your phone charger or other important cables apart with our Leather Cord Wraps. They are super easy, light weight, and the red and blue options provide a pop of color in a dark bag or desk drawer. 

To use the Cord Wraps simply wrap your cable neatly around your fingers, then pull it off as you hold it together and snap it into the little leather blanket. The snap is incredible secure, yet easy to pull apart. 

Our Cord Wraps will save you time, energy and space. You'll be amazed at the ease and convenience they add to your life, not to mention, the organization they'll add to your drawers and bags. Perfect for travel and on-the-go, always have your cables ready to use!

Want an option for your headphones? Checkout out our matching Blowfish Leather Headphone Wrap. Made out of the same premium Pergamena Leather in matching colors. Together these items will be lifesavers! While we were on the whole organizational trip, we even made a matching Leather Pen Holder Attachment, which snaps your pen to any notebook or planner with an elastic closure. Buy all 3 for a whopping 40% off in this Bundle and always have your phone charger, headphones, and a pen at your fingertips! It pays to be organized. 


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