The Magic Keyboard turns any tablet into a productivity machine, letting you compose emails, create content, and have virtual conversations like a pro. 

As you run through the routine of daily tasks and use your device on the go, you want to make sure that it and the tools you use are sufficiently protected. 

We've sifted through the options, doing all the homework for you, and compiled a list of our top five Magic Keyboard Cases for the iPad Pro 12.9” that also effortlessly accommodate a pencil holder.

What Are the Best Magic Keyboard Cases with a Pencil Holder for the iPad Pro 12.9”?

Let's face it: finding an iPad Pro 12.9" case that both complements the Magic Keyboard and securely houses your Apple Pencil or stylus can be challenging. But we've found the best cases that shield your device while boosting usability to support your creative and professional endeavors.

Let's quickly peek at how they stack up next to each other. 

Product Name


Design Build and Quality


Average Score

Best for

Magic Keyboard Book-Style





Timeless Aesthetic 

Magic Keyboard Leather Bound





Professional look

Custom Magic Keyboard Book-Style





Creating your own

SWITCHEASY CoverBuddy iPad Pro 12.9" Case 






SaharaCase Keyboard Folio Case for iPad Pro 12.9"





A laptop-like experience


Criteria for Selecting the Best Magic Keyboard Cases with a Pencil Holder

A well-chosen iPad Pro case does more than just protect; it enhances workflow, retains aesthetic appeal, and ensures your tools are always within easy reach. To help you choose the best iPad case, we recommend that you look at the following criteria.


When investing in a Magic Keyboard case for your 12.9” iPad Pro, you want to make sure it's compatible with your device and your chosen accessories.

You want to make sure the case:

  • Fits your iPad model so that you have access to all ports, buttons, and features.
  • Accommodates your pencil/stylus choice, as not every case is designed for every type of pencil and its features (such as wireless charging for the Gen 2 Apple Pencil).
  • Pencil holder is strategically placed so that it does not hinder the case's operation or your use of the iPad.
  • Allows for smooth attachment and detachment without jeopardizing the safety of the tool.
Design Build and Quality

Aside from making sure that the case fits your device, you want to make sure that you pay close attention to how the case is constructed. After all, your iPad Pro 12.9-inch is an expensive purchase, so it's important to protect your investment.

Make sure that you:  

  • Scrutinize the quality of materials used, looking for those that are built to withstand heavy use.
  • Evaluate the craftsmanship, examining seams, joints, and the finishing, as these are instrumental in ensuring longevity and sustained appearance.
  • Pay attention to the location of and how the case stores your pencil or stylus.

Your iPad Pro should be comfortable and convenient to use in all scenarios, including school, work, or leisure. When selecting a Magic Keyboard case, keep these ergonomic considerations in mind:

  • Viewing versatility: Choose a case that supports multiple viewing angles and modes, accommodating all your activities from drawing to typing and viewing.
  • User comfort: Opt for a case that maintains the iPad's sleek profile without adding unnecessary weight, and that is pleasant to touch and hold during prolonged use.

1. Best For a Timeless Aesthetic

Magic Keyboard Case (book-style) for iPad Pro 12.9"

Magic Keyboard Book-Style iPad Pro 12.9" │$79.95

If you want your device to embody a sense of sophistication and elegance, this case is perfect for you. 

Born from rigorous research and experimentation, the Magic Keyboard Book-Style iPad Pro 12.9" case is the perfect blend of modern functionality and traditional craftsmanship. 

Designed to resemble a simple artist's journal, this case takes advantage of the Magic Keyboard's natural magnetic hold, allowing you a convenient way to attach the case to your device.

With such meticulous attention to detail in design, you get an unobtrusive user experience, ensuring that your workflow or creative process keeps running smoothly.

Key Features
  • Built-in Apple Pencil holder: A braided elastic loop holds your tool securely without interfering with the wireless charging feature.
  • Customization option: Personalize your iPad case with monogramming to make it even more special.
  • Versatile viewing angles: Take advantage of the flexibly adjustable viewing angle to get optimal viewing for any task.

  • Made with a tough Buckram exterior, the case is engineered to safeguard your device and withstand heavy use.
  • Can accommodate multiple versions of pencils or styluses
  • The timeless book-style design not only looks elegant but can also help camouflage your device
  • Easy to install
  • As a result of their bespoke design and quality materials, these cases fall in the mid-range in terms of price.
  • Each case is handmade and takes 2-3 days to ship.

2. Best for a Professional Look

Magic Keyboard (leather bound) for iPad Pro 12.9"

Leather Bound Magic Keyboard Case │$79.95

If you're in the market to shield your iPad Pro, all while preserving a sleek and refined aesthetic, the Leather Bound Magic Keyboard Case emerges as your top pick.

This artisan-created case represents the perfect melding of lasting durability and perennial design. It boasts library-grade Buckram, an oil tan leather spine, meticulously stitched, and Tyvek-fortified hinges.

The hallmark of this case is its exceptional construction and detailed craftsmanship—it's bookbound by skilled artisans in the USA, employing techniques that have been honed over centuries.

Key Features
  • Integrated pencil storage: Keep your tools united with a convenient Apple Pencil holder included in the case. 
  • Effortless installation: Simply slide your iPad and Magic Keyboard into the case, align the magnets, and voila, the setup is complete. 
  • Precision-engineered design: Ensuring unfettered access to all ports, buttons, and features, the case impeccably fits the Magic Keyboard.

Magic Keyboard (leather-bound) for iPad Pro 12.9" (standing)

  • With reinforced straps, the case snugly safeguards your device. 
  • Featuring Buckram and oil tan leather, the case boasts durability while maintaining a stylish aesthetic. 
  • The design preserves the original aesthetic and functionality of the Magic Keyboard, allowing you to find the perfect viewing angle for any task.
  • May introduce a slight increase in weight or bulk to your device.
  • Owing to its superior leather construction, it comes at a somewhat steeper price compared to other options.

3. Best for Creating Your Own

Custom Magic Keyboard iPad Pro Case

Custom iPad Pro 12.9” Case │$79.95

Your iPad demands a case that accentuates your distinctive style—and the Custom iPad Pro 12.9” Case is perfect for those who want to design their own.

Whether you want a sleek, professional demeanor, a lively, colorful spirit, or something uniquely intermediate, you'll have over 400,000 possible color, pattern, and material combinations to choose from.

Once your ideal case is designed, skilled artisans take the helm and handcraft your creation. Each case features Smart Cover technology so that your device.

Key Features
  • Artisanally crafted: Every case, irrespective of choice, is handcrafted using the finest materials and is treated with unparalleled attention to detail.
  • High-quality materials: Its multi-layer construction and premium materials provide extra protection for your device, keeping it safe from scratches, drops, and other potential damage.
  • Slim profile: The case is lightweight and doesn't add any unnecessary bulk to your device, making it a great option for on-the-go use.

Custom Magic Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 12.9"

  • Total control over the design and aesthetic of your case is in your hands.
  • The case's comfortable grip and uncomplex design enhance user ease.
  • Perfectly tailored for Apple's Magic Keyboard.
  • The case is incompatible with other wireless keyboards.
  • Since each case is made to order, shipping times may be a bit longer.

4. Best for Minimalists

SWITCHEASY CoverBuddy iPad Pro 12.9" Case

SWITCHEASY CoverBuddy iPad Pro 12.9" Case │$79.95

With a profile so slender and a design so unassuming, the SWITCHEASY CoverBuddy iPad Pro 12.9" Case is tailored for the subtle minimalist who seeks a blend of non-intrusive protection and direct functionality.

What sets this case apart is its patented design that grants the exclusive ability to connect to the iPad's Magic Keyboard without necessitating the removal of the case.

Beneath its slim façade lies a thoughtful construction designed to shield your device from everyday scratches.

Key Features
  • Effortless pencil storage: A specially designed slot keeps your Apple Pencil safe and secure, and supports its wireless charging functionality.
  • Dual-layer protection: With a hard PCU shell and a soft microfiber liner, this case is built to protect your device from accidental drops.
  • Precision cut-outs: The case ensures impeccable compatibility with the iPad Pro 12.9-inch, offering unobstructed access to all ports and features.
  • The case allows easy removal of the iPad from the Magic Keyboard, providing a balance between tablet utility and keyboard usability.
  • It manages to provide a thin layer covering most of the iPad's body and edges.
  • With a dedicated holder, it secures the Apple Pencil in various situations, and supports wireless charging for the 2nd Gen Apple Pencil.
  • Some users have deemed the design of the pencil slot, particularly the cut-out intended for pencil removal, inconvenient and not user-friendly.
  • Case corners and attachment points can crack and show wear over a relatively short period.
  • Because of the case's design to fit the Magic Keyboard, some parts of the iPad are exposed and vulnerable.

5. A Laptop-like Experience

SaharaCase Keyboard Folio Case for iPad Pro 12.9"

SaharaCase Keyboard Folio Case for iPad Pro 12.9" │$109.99

For professionals, students, and digital nomads, who are seeking a blend of sleek aesthetics, robust protection, and enhanced functionality, the SaharaCase Keyboard Folio Case for iPad Pro 12.9" is the one for you.

Crafted from triple-hardened PU leather with a gentle microfiber interior, it safeguards your iPad Pro against daily wear and tear while preventing stretching and yellowing, thereby assuring aesthetic longevity and durable protection.

It features an integrated mouse pad and precise cut-outs for easy access to buttons, ports, and Apple Pencil holders, as well as a built-in kickstand for convenience.

Key Features
  • Streamlined, ergonomic design: Lightweight and form-fitting with an ergonomic open-button structure to effortlessly complement your Apple device's sleek aesthetics.
  • Convenient Apple Pencil storage: Integrated holder designed to keep your Apple Pencil secure and within easy reach.
  • Hands-free viewing: Inclusive of a built-in kickstand to promote comfortable, hands-free viewing in various orientations.
  • Keyboard can function independently, providing laptop-like usability.
  • Provides flexibility with various angles for different user needs.
  • The iPad is held within a fixed case rather than being attached with magnets, enhancing stability and security.
  • Only available in limited color options.
  • The keyboard is not attached to the case, raising concerns about stability and security for some users.
  • Some instances of the Apple Pencil not charging when placed in the designated slot, potentially due to the thickness of the material.
Final Thoughts

Even though our journey ends here, there are still more types of cases to discover. For example, some of you might prefer a portfolio-style case or a sleeve. 

In that case, be sure to check out our wide range of iPad Pro 12.9” cases, sleeves, and accessories. We have a vibrant spectrum of colors and styles to find a case that mirrors your distinctive personality.

Ashley DeFluri