MacBooks are highly susceptible to scratches, falls, and moisture, and the last thing you want is your sleek, shiny investment to look like it's been through a post-apocalyptic war or take a tumble that puts it in sleep mode forever.

Finding a safe and stylish way to carry your MacBook around can be quite a challenge. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered (figuratively and literally).

In this guide, we searched for and reviewed the best MacBook cases and sleeves that fit any style and budget, protecting your device for years to come.

Most Resilient MacBook Case

Durable Portfolio | from $99.95

Step out of the 21st century and travel back to the days of exploration with the Durable Portfolio. With a perfect blend of clean, modern lines and old-world quality, this MacBook case features a sturdy waxed canvas body, a supple leather flap, and an antiqued brass fastener.

Why waxed canvas? As one of the oldest and most popular materials, waxed canvas’s water-resistant material and durability are proven to provide high-quality, long-lasting protection.

While it may look simple on the outside, the inside of this MacBook case is divided into two sections by another layer of waxed canvas. This allows you to safely house your MacBook on one side and store pens, chargers, phones, and other necessities on the other side. Plus, it is built with additional space to store your notepads, folders, and files.

The best part about this MacBook Pro case? The more you use it, the more antique it looks (without compromising its integrity). This MacBook case is available in two colorways: Sage (brown) and Midnight (black).

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Best MacBook Sleeve

MacBook Air Durable Sleeve | from $79.95

If you’re in the market for a slim and practical MacBook sleeve, then look no further than the MacBook Air Durable Sleeve. This durable sleeve is made from two layers of resilient waxed canvas and has genuine leather details, including a leather closure tab.

Each sleeve is made using handcrafted techniques that have been around for centuries, giving you the look of a modern case with the longevity of artisan craftsmanship. 

Even though the MacBook Air Durable Sleeve was designed for the MacBook Air, its lightweight protection can easily accommodate your iPad.

Our favorite part of this MacBook Air sleeve is the interior. The lining of each case features a splash of color in contrast with its exterior. The available colorways are Sage (brown) with an orange poppy interior, Navy with a red interior, Midnight (black) with an olive interior.

Best Leather MacBook Case

Leather Laptop Portfolio | from $139.95

For those who favor genuine leather products, the Leather Laptop Portfolio is the best case for you. This simple, stylish MacBook case is composed of premium-quality leather and features a waxed canvas divider and an antiqued brass button closure.

Each case is handcrafted using ancient bookbinding techniques, giving them a sturdy and elegant touch. Inside, you will find two compartments with enough space to hold your laptop and all of your necessary work supplies.

Each knick, scratch, or ding that would bruise your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is safely absorbed by the supple, real leather, adding to its character and giving it a well-worn vibe. This case is available in two colorways: brown and black.

Best Drop-Resistant MacBook Case

Urban Armor Gear Ice Rugged Case | from $79.95

Moving away from natural durability and into synthetic protection, the Urban Armor Gear Ice Rugged case is composed of a military-grade shell and impact-resilient bumpers. Its tactile design offers complete protection from potentially hazardous drops.

This MacBook case works with touch and non-touch models and features a dual-lock screen closure, cooling vents, and a utilitarian grip. Additionally, this case has been tested to meet the military drop-test standards.

With just a few snaps, your MacBook is completely protected from damaging falls. Its rugged protection makes it the best MacBook case for accident-prone individuals or those who want a sense of security when they transport their laptops.

Most Affordable MacBook Case

Cream Line Art Shell MacBook Cover | from $34.42

Finding a case that fits your budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise quality or style. This custom-designed Shell MacBook Cover is a perfect blend of affordability and elegance.

Each MacBook case snaps directly onto your laptop like a glove, giving your peace of mind when carrying your device around. The shell is composed of hard plastic lined with rubber to absorb the shock of falls.

The best part about this case? On top of their affordability, these cases come in a wide range of colorways and designs, so you are guaranteed to find a case that fits your style and budget.  

As you can see, there are many options out there when it comes to choosing the best MacBook case that compliments your personality.

For more stylish and durable options, check out the latest additions to our collection of handcrafted MacBook cases, covers, and sleeves.

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