There are dozens of factors to consider when picking out a new iPhone case. Beyond providing decent protection overall, it needs to look stylish and feel right in your hands.

Shopping for iPhone cases can be overwhelming with all the available options. To speed things up, we've prepared the ultimate list of iPhone cases for 2022. We've considered every need and budget level for your convenience.

Most Durable iPhone Case

ShockProof CardCase for iPhone | from $44.95

Most cases these days are built to withstand a casual drop or two- but some of us need a little extra protection. If you need a highly durable case for your iPhone - the ShockProof CardCase is an excellent choice.

The thicker leather adds to its rigidness. For this reason, it's an ideal phone case for working outdoors - as it's incredibly protective and won't let you down in case of a drop or collision. 

There’s also an option to add a card pocket on top, for your ID, credit card, or whatever else you need with you on the go.

It also brings a level of style with a sleek minimalist design, available in four colors:

  • Traditional Black Leather
  • Traditional Brown Leather
  • Oil Tanned Antique Leather
  • Oil Tanned Brown Leather

The cases will naturally age over time since they are genuine leather, granting them a beautifully rustic look that just gets better over the years.

Best iPhone Sleeve

Durable Wallet for iPhone | from $49.95

Why carry a wallet and an iPhone when you can combine the two? This leather accessory keeps your pockets light, allowing you to protect your phone and carry your most precious items in a single case.

It's slim, stylish, and comfortable to carry with a cotton interior featuring a unique color for some extra pop.

The exterior has soft leather and a waxed canvas for superior grip. Three colors are available - Sage (orange interior), Midnight (olive interior), and Navy (red interior).

Most Luxurious iPhone Case

Kerf Select Black Gabon Ebony Wood Case | from $649

If you want your iPhone case to be a core part of your look and money is no object - this case might be for you. While it's a tad on the expensive side, to say the least, there are plenty of luxurious features to appreciate.

The Kerf Black Gabon Ebony Wood Case features a hand-treated matte finish, truly stunning custom wood frame - and custom engraving is available for further personalization.

If you like to charge your iPhone wirelessly, this case is fully compatible with Bluetooth chargers.

Best Thin iPhone Case

Slim CARDcase for iPhone | from $34.95

Do you enjoy a slim case that doesn't protrude out of your pocket too much? The Slim CARDcase is a thin case that barely adds to the width of your iPhone.

There's also a handy card slot built into the back with just enough room for an ID, credit card, or whatever else you want.

The CARDcase features brilliant embossing for all available colors, that adds extra visual flair to match your unique style.

Most Affordable iPhone Case

Caefax Transparent iPhone Case | from $4.99

If you don't have much cash to spare for iPhone cases, you'll love this offering from Caefax. It's highly affordable - with a list price of just under five dollars.

It's a transparent case featuring anti-yellowing technology, and a scratch-resistant coating, ensuring your case stays crystal clear for many years to come.

While this may not have the luxury feel of the other cases on this list, there’s no doubt that you will appreciate the bang for your buck that this option delivers.

Most Stylish iPhone Case

Lorna iPhone Wallet Case | from $74.95

The Lorna iPhone Wallet Case is exceptionally stylish and multi-purpose in nature. Besides looking sharp, it doubles as a full wallet. You can store your ID, cash, debit cards, and everything else you would expect in a standard wallet. It features genuine leather available in four unique colors (with separate interior colors):

  • Brown/Dove Gray 
  • Black/Granite
  • Blue/Harbor Blue
  • Red/Granite

There's a handy elastic band that keeps the case closed whenever you aren't using it, with a durable plastic tray to firmly hold your iPhone in place. You can pop your phone out with ease by gently pressing down on one of the corners - ensuring you won’t be stuck trying to battle this case whenever you are looking to downsize your case for a run or other on-the-go activity.

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