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Finding an iPad case to protect your device is easier than ever. Many manufacturers offer a wide variety of cases, from simple to custom-made and in an array of colors.

But those mass-produced cases that flood our shelves often lack the charm and beauty of old-world craftsmanship.

The good news is that talented artisans across the United States make it their mission to remind us that handcrafted items are still valuable.

Marrying traditional techniques with modern technology, these artists create some of the most remarkable and unique iPad cases that protect your device and showcase American craftsmanship's passion, creativity, and skill.

What Are the Best iPad Cases Made In the USA?

Americans tend to have high expectations when it comes to the products they choose, which is why many American manufacturers use high-quality materials that are built to last—and iPad cases are no different.

We've compiled a list of the finest American-made iPad cases to celebrate the American entrepreneurial spirit. Here's how they stack up against each other.

Product Name Quality of Materials Construction / Durability Reputation of the Manufacturer Average Score Best for
Traditional Two-Tone
iPad Case
10/10 9/10 10/10 9.7/10 Best Overall
Durable iPad
9/10 8/10 10/10 9/10 Best for The Minimalist
Custom iPad
9/10 8/10 10/10 9/10 Best for Showing Your Style
Cases for
iPad Pro 12.9
9/10 8/10 9/10 8.7/10 Best for Luxurious Comfort
STM Goods
Studio for
iPad 10.2”
8/10 8/10 9/10 8.3/10 Best for Tight Budget

Criteria For Selecting iPad Cases Made In the USA

When selecting the best iPad cases made in the USA, it's essential to consider various criteria to ensure you're getting a high-quality, functional, and stylish product that aligns with your values.

If you need help choosing the right iPad case, here are some things you should consider:

Quality of Materials

There’s no shortage of material choices for iPad cases, from polycarbonate shells to genuine leather. However, the quality and sourcing of these materials can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your device.

USA manufacturers care about the materials they use for iPad cases—which is great for you because your case should look good and provide optimal protection and durability for your device.

Here are some questions you can ask to determine the quality and durability of the case:

  • Where is the material sourced from? Locally? Internationally?
  • Does the manufacturer specify the type and grade of materials used to construct the case?
  • Is the material able to withstand wear and tear, scratches, and impact without compromising the integrity of the case?
  • Does the material offer any additional benefits, such as being eco-friendly or sustainable?


To protect your iPad from damage and extend its life, you need a tough, long-lasting case.

Fortunately, American craftspeople specialize in creating cases that do just that, making them a wise choice for your device's protection. Here are some features to look for in American-made cases:

  • Special attention to detail: Handcrafted cases often feature intricate designs and details that are not possible with mass-produced cases. The artisans who make these cases take great care in ensuring that each case is crafted with precision and attention to detail.
  • Hand stitching: Some handcrafted iPad cases are stitched by hand, offering precision and durability that machine stitching cannot match.
  • Multi-layer protection: Each layer serves a specific purpose, such as absorbing impact, dispersing shock, or preventing scratches.
  • Sustainable production: Often, these craftsmen make their cases to order so they produce less waste.

Reputation of the Manufacturer

We hate to say it, but not all manufacturers are equal. That’s why it's essential that you do your homework and look for a reputable manufacturer that can guarantee the quality of the case and ensure you get value for your money.

To help you find the best bang for your buck, you should:

  • Look for companies with a proven track record of producing high-quality processes and providing excellent customer service.
  • Check out online reviews and ratings to see what other customers say about their experience with the manufacturer.
  • Consider if the company commits to sustainability or ethical manufacturing practices.
  • Look for a manufacturer that provides warranties or guarantees for their products, indicating their confidence in the quality of their cases.

1. Best Overall

iPad Case

Traditional Two-Tone iPad Case ⏐  $69.95

If you're looking for a case that epitomizes the artistry and craftsmanship of American-made products, look no further than the Traditional Two-Tone iPad Case.

Every stitch, curve, and detail is meticulously crafted by artisans in San Antonio. Each case features a premium library-grade Buckram exterior and a flexible polymer tray that fits your iPad like a glove.

It has multiple viewing angles letting you easily adjust your iPad to the perfect position during FaceTime calls, watching movies, or reading your favorite book.

Plus, you'll have full access to your camera port and charging capabilities to stay connected on the go.

And if that wasn’t enough, this case provides full coverage for your iPad and has a special slot to hold your Apple Pencil securely, ensuring it will always be close by.

Key Features

  • Sleep/Wake Function: The Smart Cover feature automatically wakes or puts your iPad to sleep when the cover is opened or closed.
  • Foldable Front Cover: You can fold your iPad cover into a comfortable reading or writing position.
  • Handcrafted Design: Every material is carefully selected and handcrafted to fit the iPad perfectly.
  • Accessibility: This case features precise cutouts for easy access to ports, buttons, speakers, and cameras.

Traditional Two-Tone iPad Case


  • With its slim, sleek design, this 100% American made-case feels great in your hands
  • Each case is made to order with special attention to detail
  • There is an option for monogramming which adds a personal touch
  • Combining a book's vintage appearance and feel with its Smart Cover's advanced features, this device offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern technology


  • The Apple Pencil loop may wear with constant use
  • This particular case is only available in four colorways

2. Best for The Minimalist

Durable Sleeve iPad Case

Durable iPad Sleeve ⏐  $69.95

For those of you who want to protect your device but want all the bulk that comes along with a traditional case, the Durable Sleeve iPad Case is the perfect minimalist accessory for your iPad.

Made with waxed canvas and leather, this sleeve offers a sleek and stylish look while providing excellent protection for your device. Simply slip your iPad in and out of the sleeve effortlessly, thanks to its simple design.

The Durable Sleeve iPad Case also features a handy leather grip pad for carrying and a leather tab snap closure, making it easy to take your iPad on the go.

Plus, there’s room (and a special loop) for your Apple Pencil so you've always got everything you need with you. Whether heading to work or traveling, this sleeve is the perfect companion for your device.

Key Features

  • Hand-stitched Finishes: All sleeves are hand-stitched to ensure a high level of durability and strength.
  • Triple-layer Construction: In between its waxed canvas exterior and soft interior lies a third padding layer, keeping your iPad safe and sound.
  • Spacious Interior: The spacious interior provides ample room for your iPad and Apple Pencil.
  • Interior Apple Pencil Storage: Inside every sleeve, you’ll find a braided nylon loop that keeps your Apple Pencil safe when you’re on the go.

Double Sleeve iPad case


  • The waxed canvas exterior is intended to wear in and develop an individualized charm over time, giving your sleeve a unique and personalized appearance
  • It is spacious enough to let you have all your tools in one place, keeping you organized
  • An elegant and stylish design makes it suitable for any setting
  • This manufacturer takes pride in providing you with a product that has been crafted with great care and attention to detail


  • Only available in three different colors
  • Your device is not protected when it is out of the sleeve

3. Best for Showing Your Style

Custom iPad Case

Custom iPad Case ⏐  $79.95+

Your iPad is more than just a device; it's an extension of your personality. So you need a case that shows off your unique style—that's where the Custom iPad Case comes in.

Choose from over 400,000 different colors, patterns, elastics, and materials to create a unique case that reflects your personality.

Once you've designed the perfect case for you, skilled artisans do the rest. They handcraft each one-of-a-kind case with the same attention to detail as their other premium cases.

With precise cutouts for all your buttons and ports and built-in Smart Cover technology, you can use your iPad without hassle. Plus, the Apple Pencil loop is conveniently located, so you can take advantage of the Apple Pencil's wireless charging feature.

You can even design an iPhone case to match to go the extra mile.

Key Features

  • Crafted by Artisans: Every case is handcrafted with only the best materials and attention to detail, no matter what option you select.
  • A Comfortable Grip: This case is designed to fit comfortably in your hands, with a slim, easy grip design.
  • Auto Sleep/Wake Function: When the case is opened, your iPad wakes up instantly, and when closed, it automatically goes to sleep. This saves power and keeps your iPad charged for longer.
  • Fully Customizable: Customize your case to match your style.


  • The case is made from high-quality materials that protect your device and make it durable
  • The overall design and aesthetics of your case are completely up to you
  • A comfortable grip and a simple design make this case easy to use
  • It has multiple viewing angles that enable you to use it in different situations


  • You get to customize the case altogether, which costs a bit more
  • Since you’re designing every aspect of the case, it takes 10-14 days for your case to get to you

4. Best for Luxurious Comfort

Bradford Magnetic Leather Cases for iPad Pro 12.9

Bradford Magnetic Leather Cases for iPad Pro 12.9 ⏐  $159.95

Indulge in the premium feel of the Bradford Magnetic Leather Cases for iPad Pro 12.9, crafted with American full-grain leather and handcrafted by skilled artisans in the USA.

Inspired by the 18th-century woolen tradition, this case is lined with a durable and soft charcoal woolen-like textile that keeps your screen clean and protected with woolen felt.

The interior lining is soft yet durable, providing a snug fit for your iPad Pro 12.9. The ultra-strong magnetic panel securely holds your iPad Pro keyboard, and the Apple Pencil loop and Apple Pencil 2 charge perfectly inside the case.

With its sleek design and premium materials, the Bradford Magnetic Leather Cases for iPad Pro 12.9 is the ultimate accessory for those who prioritize luxury.

Key Features

  • Foldable Cover: Whether you're typing, browsing, or watching videos, this case offers a comfortable viewing experience.
  • Apple Pencil Elastic Loop: The built-in elastic loop provides a convenient and secure place to store your Apple Pencil.
  • Drop Edge Protection: The raised edge around the screen of the cover provides extra protection against scratches and bumps.

Bradford Magnetic Leather Cases for iPad Pro 12.9


  • This case offers maximum protection for your iPad but not at the cost of access to ports and buttons
  • It has a 25-year leather warranty


  • This case has a high price point
  • It is only compatible with iPad Pro 11, 12.9, and Air
  • The elastic Pencil loop may wear over time

5. Best for Tight Budget


STM Goods Studio for iPad 10.2" ⏐  $23.36

The STM Goods Studio for iPad 10.2” is a budget-friendly option that doesn't skimp on quality. Crafted with precision and care in the USA, this case offers 360-degree full-frame folio protection for your device.

The hardshell polycarbonate provides durability and protection against scratches, bumps, and accidental drops. It's clear, so you get to see the natural color of your device.

It also features strong magnetic closures that work with your device's natural sleep/wake functionality.

Plus, the cover doubles as a stand, letting you prop your iPad at the perfect angle for comfortable use.

Key Features

  • Durable Construction: The hardshell polycarbonate is designed to protect your iPad from drops, bumps, and scratches.
  • Built-in Stand: The built-in stand lets you view your iPad at a 45° angle or in a more upright position—your choice.
  • Precise Cutouts: Access all the ports and buttons of your iPad easily.



  • It is a budget-friendly case that also provides rugged protection
  • It has a storage slot for your Apple Pencil


  • It is specifically designed for iPad 10.2”
  • Several customers have complained about a lack of customer support
  • It’s only available in four different colors

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