Whether you're a clumsy individual who drops your iPad at every opportunity or a meticulous user who wants to keep it in pristine condition, you want to keep your iPad safe from all harm. 

We've got you covered!

We scoured the depths of the internet to bring you the ultimate guide to the best cases for your beloved 12.9” iPad. 

From stylish and slim to rugged and durable, we'll help you find the perfect case that fits your style and budget.

What Are the Best iPad Cases for Travel?

Spills, scuffs, bumps, and spills are a part of everyday life, but that doesn't mean you have to let them ruin your device. 

There are plenty of iPad cases on the market, but these five exceeded our expectations for durability, style, and convenience, making them our top picks among the best cases for 12.9” iPads.

Here's a quick reference chart showing how they stack up side-by-side:

Product Name




Average Score

Best for






Those who love leather 

Durable iPad Sleeve





Those who want protection
during transportation

Custom Magic Keyboard





Designing your own keyboard

Apple Smart Folio






MOFT Snap Float Folio





Versatile viewing options

Criteria For Selecting a 12.9” iPad Case

When looking at the best 12.9” iPad cases, we looked at their ability to withstand the rigors of everyday life as well as their flexibility and ease of use when reading, typing, and working. 

While you might have your own requirements for choosing the right iPad case,  these base requirements will help you confidently make a decision.


The best cases for a 12.9” iPad offer superior durability, especially on the corners and other areas where spills and stains can seep into and damage the delicate components. 

That's why you'll want to look for iPad cases that offer the following: 

  • Screen and Corner Protection: Raised or beveled edges, a built-in cover, and shock-absorbing materials all provide different ways to safeguard your device's sensitive spots against accidental drops, bumps, or scuffs.

  • Multi-Layer Construction: Multi-layer construction enhances the product's sturdiness by adding layers of different materials with distinct properties.

  • Materials Used: From premium leather to a hard polycarbonate shell, the material used dramatically impacts your case's durability.


It's a fact—you simply enjoy something more when it reflects your personality. 

The iPad is already the epitome of innovative design, so it makes sense to protect it in an equally ingenious case, merging sleek design with a creative and aesthetically beautiful style that reflects your personality.

Here are some things you should look for to choose the best case to express your freedom and creativity:

  • Form and Function: A well-designed iPad case combines style and protection, letting you look good and do its job flawlessly. 

  • Custom Elements: From hand stitching to personalization, your iPad case should be a one-of-a-kind reflection of personal style.

  • Secure fit: The case should fit the device like a glove yet allow you to snap in or remove the device as you see fit.


When it comes to finding the perfect iPad case, features matter!

After all, you want to ensure your 12.9” iPad case works with your device's functions and all your other Apple accessories.


Look for a case that has:

  • Smart Cover Technology: This helps you preserve battery life.

  • Built-In Stand: Sometimes, you want to go hands-free, and you can't do that without a built-in stand.

  • Accessory Compatibility: From keyboards to Apple Pencils, you want to ensure your case works with the accessories you plan on using.

Best for Stylish Travelers

Experience the best of both worlds with Noblessa Leather's iPad Case—offering a sophisticated and stylish appeal, as well as long-lasting durability.

With its distinctive embossed grain print, luxurious velvety texture, and unbeatable water resistance, Noblessa leather is considered the finest of all leathers. No wonder it's used by some of the world's most celebrated brands!

This lightweight, intelligent case is handcrafted with passion and precision. Plus, it works with your device's auto sleep/wake feature and has a holder for your 2nd Gen Apple Pencil.

Key Features

  • Smart Cover Technology: Conserve battery life while keeping your device ready at a moment's notice simply by lifting the cover.
  • Timeless Design: Handcrafted using techniques passed down from traditional bookbinding masters, the Noblessa's hand-stitched design offers protection from bumps, scuffs, and jolts. 
  • Braided Nylon Closure: This secure elastic closure provides additional security beyond magnetic clasps, ensuring your device will stay closed securely.
  • Adjustable Stand: Quickly transition from hand-held to hands-free with a built-in stand.
Noblessa iPad Case


  • The model-specific design ensures easy access to ports, lenses, and buttons.

  • Built-in stand allows you to prop up the device for more accessible and more comfortable reading or work.

  • Durable premium-grade leather provides years of dependable use.

  • Precision stitching and quality workmanship are used in the manufacturing of this product.


  • Doesn't fit 1st or 2nd generation 12.9” iPads. 

  • Premium leather requires some basic maintenance to prolong its lifespan.

Best iPad Sleeve

Nothing quite compares to the sleek feel of holding a device without covering it up with an external case. 

That's why the Durable Sleeve is the perfect combination of portability and protection for those of you who don't want a full-time case.

Soft inner material keeps your device safe when it's not in use, while the waxed canvas exterior is durable enough to absorb everyday wear and tear.

Plus, the sleeve features a secure leather tab snap closure, an interior elastic loop that holds your Apple Pencil firmly in place, and a handy leather grip pad for on-the-go transport.

Key Features

  • Multi-Layer Protection: It's made of three layers of different materials to increase protection.

  • Brass Snap Closure: This adds an additional layer of security to keep your device in place, and it also provides an attractive accent.

  • Quality Construction: Highly-skilled artisans meticulously crafted each case, and every detail is diligently examined to ensure peak quality and longevity.

  • Apple Pencil Storage: Keep your Apple Pencil protected and easily accessible with a convenient elastic loop attachment.

Durable Sleeve iPad Case


  • Three layers of material ensure everything is protected from scratches and falls.

  • Gorgeous leather accents, a soft interior, and a waxed canvas exterior add character and appeal.

  • Multiple color combinations to choose from.

  • Allows you to store and magnetically charge your Apple Pencil.


  • The secure loop only works with the 2nd gen Apple Pencil.

  • Since the case is spacious enough to accommodate a keyboard, it can feel less snug than other cases.

Best for Customizing Your Magic Keyboard Case

Ditch those generic iPad cases that offer little in the way of style or personalization and design your own cover with the Custom Magic Keyboard iPad Case.

This one-of-a-kind case is the perfect solution for anyone looking to personalize their 12.9” Magic Keyboard iPad case while keeping their device safe and secure. 

With an array of options at your fingertips, you can create a case that fits your style. Choose from dozens of vibrant colors and intricate patterns. Plus, you have the option to add accent pieces or a monogram. 

And if you don't have a Magic Keyboard, you can still customize other 12.9” iPad cases (just make sure you choose the right size!).

Key Features

  • Durable Construction: No matter what options you choose, each case is handcrafted using the highest quality materials.

  • Built-In Stand: With an adjustable angle, you'll be able to achieve perfect viewing regardless of your task or activity.

  • Integrated Keyboard Design: This protective cover utilizes a magnetic connection, coupled with the durable Tyvek™ strap for superior integration with Apple's original design.

  • Fully Customizable: Customize the enclosure, interior, exterior, accent color, and even add a monogram.

Custom iPad Magic Keyboard Case options


  • Make it your way with a full customization option to create your perfect case.

  • Designed to be a perfect fit for the iPad Pro 12.9” and Magic Keyboard.

  • Constructed with superior materials and exceptional attention to detail, these cases are designed for everyday wear and tear.

  • Compatible with your Apple Pencil. 


  • Because each piece is made to order, there is a 2-3 week production time before the product is shipped. 

  • Elastic may wear out with excessive use.

Best for Minimalists

apple smart folio case, open

Apple Smart Folio Case


If you're set on having a brand-name iPad case, it doesn't get any better than the Apple Smart Folio.

Don't let its slim portfolio fool you. This case is made from rugged polycarbonate that's built to take a beating.

Its flexible cover makes it easy to read, FaceTime, or complete other tasks with your device. 

This lightweight case is the perfect way to add a luxurious touch and dependable protection to your iPad.

Key Features

  • Auto Sleep/Wake: The iPad automatically wakes when the case is opened and sleeps when closed, helping extend battery life.

  • Foldable Cover: The cover provides ample protection for both the front and back of the iPad and folds up to create a stand.

  • Multiple Colors Available: Choose from five unique colors to add a professional touch to your iPad case.

Apple iPad folio


  • Designed by Apple to offer a seamless fit for 12.9” iPads.

  • Full flexibility lets you use the case as a stand or fold it completely flat.

  • Magnetic closure provides lock-on security and ease of access. 


  • Because it's a brand name, it's more expensive than other cases with similar designs. 

  • Doesn't have any storage for your Apple Pencil and is not compatible with Magic Keyboards.

  • The built-in stand only has two different viewing angles.

Best for Versatile Viewing

MOFT Snap Float Folio, Standing

MOFT Snap Float Folio


The MOFT Snap Float Folio solves a problem many of us didn't even know we had: it allows the cover to “float” at eye level and folds for easy use as a stand for making video calls, as a drawing table, and more. 

The tough polycarbonate shell is covered in supple vegan leather, providing excellent protection against drops and scratches.

Its slim and lightweight design and multiple stand positions make it perfect for anyone who wants a case that can keep up with their busy and ever-changing schedule.

Key Features

  • Float and Fold: Keep your iPad at eye level to reduce neck and shoulder strain.

  • Four Magnetic Viewing Angles: Find the right perfect viewing position for drawing, designing, writing, or conducting meetings.

  • High-Quality Materials: Premium materials guard against bumps, drops, and scratches, so you can trust your device will remain safe.

Using MOFT Folio next to laptop


  • Innovative float cover is flexible and foldable to suit multiple needs and configurations.

  • Thin and lightweight while offering basic protection.


  • Doesn't come with Apple Pencil storage, but you can buy a snap-on pencil holder.

  • Magnet closures do not offer a dependable, secure hold.

  • The case isn't drop rated.

Choosing the Best Cases for 12.9-inch iPad

As you've seen from our selections here, the best case for your 12.9” iPad runs the gamut from stylish and sophisticated to flexible and form-fitting. 

With so many durable options to choose from, you no longer have to sacrifice style for protection. Enjoy the best of both worlds with a case that shields your device while reflecting your unique style.

If you're still looking for a case that fits an older iPad 12.9” or maybe you just want to look at some more options, check out our full collection of 12.9” iPad cases.

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