Choosing not to clean your iPad case is like letting your thousand-dollar investment sit in a pile of garbage every day. 

Think about it. We take our iPads with us everywhere, and all the while, they collect dirt, dust, and oils. 

Eventually, when the build-up is noticeable, you might decide to clean your case; but by then, there's already so much grime lurking on the surface that it most likely contains enough bacteria to make you seriously ill.

But don't worry! We've put together a comprehensive guide on how to clean your iPad case—no matter what material it's made from. 

TLDR Key Takeaways

  • Every cleaning process starts with the same basic steps. 
  • You can tailor the cleaning process to fit your case's material once you know the basics.
  • Regular cleaning is the only way to protect your case against stains and grime.

How to Clean iPad Cases from Different Materials

While there are a variety of techniques to clean and maintain iPad cases, the best approach will depend on the case's material composition (we'll cover each type in more detail below).

Generally speaking, however, there are some basic steps to clean your iPad.  

1. Remove iPad from the Case

While this might seem like a no-brainer, you'd be surprised how many people skip this step. You'll be surprised by how much build-up is hiding underneath your case.

2. Wipe the Case with a Dry, Lint-Free Cloth

This will remove excess oils and any loose dirt or dust from your case. We recommend using a microfiber, microsuede, or flat-woven cloth. 

3. Wipe the Case with a Wet, Lint-Free Cloth

Grab a separate cloth, get it slightly damp, and work in small circular motions to break up tougher dirt and grime. 

While it's tempting to use lots of water to clean your case, you want to avoid having too much excess water on your cloth, as this will increase your drying time and, for some materials, can do more harm than good.

4. Use a Toothbrush to Clean Crevasses and Stains

If you have stubborn stains or can't reach the cracks, use a slightly damp, soft-bristled toothbrush to help you brush away any remaining debris.

To help you cut through stains, use mild dish soap mixed with water. Just be sure to remove any excess soap; otherwise, it will leave a film on your device.

To get the soap off your case, dab the soapy area with your damp cloth. Rinse it out, and repeat until the area is free from soap residue.

Note: It's important never to use harsh chemicals, ammonia, or abrasive substances when cleaning your iPad case, as it can damage the case itself and ruin your device's oleophobic coating.

What is an oleophobic coating?

An oleophobic coating is a sort of glaze that Apple uses on all their devices to prevent the oils on your fingers from transferring to the surface of your device. 

Fingerprints will build up over time, but (thanks to this technology) a simple wipe from a soft, lint-free cloth will remove all smudges and leave your device looking like new.

5. Wipe the Case with a Dry, Lint-Free Cloth (Again)

It's critical to make sure that there's no excess moisture on your case before you put your iPad back. You can use the dry cloth from before or get a fresh one to remove all water.

If you think there's still water in the small crevasses of your case, then let it sit out for a few hours to dry. 

This quick cheat sheet tells you what you should and shouldn't do when cleaning your iPad case:

Now that you have a solid understanding of how to clean your iPad case, let's look at some specific requirements and recommendations based on your case type.

Leather iPad Cases

Noblessa Leather iPad Case ⏐  $174.99

Expertly crafted from various stunning leather color combinations, these book-style cases provide unparalleled elegance and robust protection.


Over time, leather develops a unique and beautiful patina from its daily use. To preserve this special character and keep it looking great for years to come, ensure it's cleaned regularly and properly maintained.

In addition to the steps above, you should take these special precautions when cleaning your leather case:

  • Regularly wipe your leather with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Use saddle soap versus mild dish soap when possible, as it's specially formulated for leather products.
  • Avoid using too much water on your leather case, as this can change the coloration and potentially warp it.
  • Apply leather creams or moisturizers with a soft cloth to keep your leather from cracking—just make sure it's the right product for your type of leather.

Rubber iPad Cases

While rubber is known to discolor over time, it's one of the easier materials to clean. Here are some techniques to use when you're cleaning a rubber case:

  • Remove stubborn stains that remain after a general cleaning with a soft cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol.
  • Get rid of some marks with a pencil eraser.
  • Always use a lint-free cloth, such as a flat-woven, microfiber, or microsuede cloth; otherwise, your case will be covered in small fuzzies.
  • Make a paste from baking soda and water to remove set-in dirt and grime from white and clear rubber cases. For this option, you'll apply the paste, let it dry completely, gently brush it away, rinse, and dry.

Silicone iPad Cases

Like rubber, silicone is also prone to discoloration and is very easy to clean. Here are some special techniques that will make your case feel brand new:

  • Add a sprinkle of baking soda to the case while scrubbing it with a wet toothbrush to help you break down dirt and oils.
  • Make sure your case is completely dry before putting it back on your iPad (at least one hour).
  • Dip a soft cloth in Isopropyl alcohol to help remove set-in stains.

Cloth iPad Cases

For this type, it's best to divide them into two types: fully cloth and cloth covered.

Cases that are completely cloth are probably the easiest to clean since you can just pop them in the laundry. Just make sure you follow any special instructions that come with your case—especially for drying.

Cloth-covered cases, on the other hand, need to be spot-cleaned like the others since they have a hard plastic center. For these cases, we recommend:

  • Treat tough stains with a little of your preferred laundry detergent.
  • Avoid using lots of water, as this can damage the adhesive.
  • Spot clean areas that come in constant contact with hands more frequently.

Suede iPad Cases

Suede is an ultra-soft leather material that provides a luxurious and sophisticated look. However, its velvety texture can be very tricky to clean. 

The best way to remove dirt and grim from this material is to invest in a suede care kit that includes everything you need to clean and treat suede properly. 

If you don't want to get a kit, you can do the following:

  • Before you start cleaning, vigorously rub your case with a dry cloth to loosen any dirt or dust trapped in the fibers.
  • Try using a pencil eraser to remove surface stains.
  • Clean set-in stains with mild soap and a warm damp towel. 
  • Dilute vinegar in water and apply it to a damp towel to tackle hard-to-remove stains.
  • Treat your suede with a specialized protectant spray to keep it clean longer.
  • Brush your suede with a soft-bristle brush or plush cloth to revive the fibers after it's been cleaned.

Polycarbonate/Plastic iPad Cases

While these hard-shell cases may seem like they can handle whatever cleaning technique you want, it's essential to remember that they still scratch easily and may still discolor or warp under certain conditions. 

To keep them clean, we recommend: 

  • Completing a gentle cleaning at least once a month.
  • Alternate between a sponge and toothbrush to deep clean your case.
  • These cases can be submerged in water—just ensure it's not too hot. 

How to Clean iPad Smart Folio or Magic Keyboard Cases


Magic Keyboard Case ⏐  $79.95

Utilizing powerful magnet technology, the Magic Keyboard case provides the perfect balance of convenience and protection so you can confidently take your device on the go.


Unlike regular iPad cases, keyboard cases contain delicate moving parts that can be easily damaged if not handled properly, which is why they require special attention when cleaning. 

Smart Folio iPad Cases

Smart folio cases are typically made of a harder outer layer and a soft microfiber interior.

For the outer layer, you'll want to follow our general cleaning guidelines above, except you'll want to avoid using the damp cloth near the keyboard. 

The microfiber interior should be spot cleaned using a damp cloth with some mild soap. Just make sure it's completely dry and free from soap residue before reattaching the cover.

Magic Keyboard iPad Cases

Cleaning for this case is identical to the Smart Keyboard case, except you can also use an isopropyl or Clorox wipe to clean the exterior.

How to Clean iPad Sleeves

Durable Sleeve ⏐  $69.95
This sleek and stylish slip-in style case allows you to quickly remove or store your device without having a bulky traditional tablet cover. 


The process of cleaning an iPad sleeve differs from cleaning an iPad case since sleeves are usually made of cloth or materials that can be machine washed, while cases typically have more delicate surfaces that require special cleaning techniques to avoid any damage.

To clean an iPad sleeve, you can either spot clean using our general cleaning techniques listed above or toss your sleeve into your washing machine. Just make sure to follow any instructions your sleeve came with, such as:

  • Avoid harsh detergents and bleach.
  • Air dry for best results.
  • Wash your sleeve in cold water.

Maximize Your Case's Lifespan with DODOcase

While regular cleaning helps extend the lifespan of your case, investing in a case with sturdy construction will ensure it stands the test of time.

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