Whether you want to show your appreciation for an excellent team effort or want to create a unified look for all your business's devices, buying iPad cases to protect those indispensable tools is smart.

There's just one problem: Where do you find the perfect iPad cases for corporate orders? If you don't know where to look, it can often feel like navigating a maze of compatibility, quality, and cost-efficiency.

Fortunately, we know where to look. In this guide, we share our top 5 iPad cases for corporate orders. Whether you're looking for completely customizable cases or just a simple unified look, we've got you covered.

What Are the Best iPad Cases for Corporate Orders?

The iPad has become an indispensable tool for productivity, efficiency, and seamless collaboration in the corporate space. While iPads are undoubtedly helpful, they require proper protection to ensure longevity and functionality.

So the best iPad cases for corporate orders should exude a professional and polished look. They should complement the corporate environment and be highly functional.

To help you make an informed decision, we've scoured the market to bring you our top picks for iPad cases that are perfect for corporate orders.

Product Name

Protection / Durability

Professional appearance /  Customization

Bulk Ordering Ability

Average Score

Best for

Custom Corporate Order iPad Case





Complete customization

Custom Black iPad Case





Minimalist look

Executive Leather iPad Case





High-end feel

Otterbox Defender Series





Rugged protection

Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 11-inch (4th generation) and iPad Air (5th generation)





Maximum productivity

Criteria For Selecting the Best iPad Cases for Corporate Orders

Before you dole out the cash and place an order for the team, you need to ensure the iPad cases improve their experience and fit your requirements.

Every company is different. What applies to one may not apply to another. Regardless of context, here's what we recommend you evaluate to choose the right iPad case for corporate orders.

1. Protection and Durability

Let's face it—placing a corporate order takes a great deal of time and paperwork. That's why it's vital that your case can withstand the everyday wear and tear, accidental drops, and bumps in a corporate setting. To ensure you choose the right case, consider if it's:

  • Constructed with long-lasting materials
  • Impact resistant
  • Reinforced with strong corners and secure closures to fend off scratches and scuffs
  • Suitable for protecting against dust, dirt, and grime

2. Professional Appearance and Customization

In a world of short attention spans, a professional or customized iPad case that reflects your brand image can make a lasting impression.

The right case protects your devices, enhances the overall aesthetic, and reinforces your brand identity. You should try to look for cases that:

  • Feature a sleek and modern design, exuding a professional and sophisticated look that aligns with the corporate environment.
  • Offer customization options to incorporate your company's logo or branding elements.
  • Have a range of color options to match your company's brand guidelines and visual identity.
  • Have quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, such as well-executed stitching, precision cuts, and thoughtful features that contribute to an overall professional look.

3. Bulk Ordering Ability

Corporate orders often involve purchasing cases in large quantities to cater to multiple devices within the organization. Therefore, it is crucial to select cases that offer bulk ordering availability.

You want to ensure that the chosen case is readily available in sufficient quantities, allowing for streamlined and efficient procurement processes.

Look for suppliers or manufacturers that can handle large-scale orders without compromising quality or customization options.

1. Best for Complete Customization

Custom Corporate Order iPad Case ⏐  Available upon request

Imagine the power of putting your logo on the case, turning it into a portable billboard that carries your brand beyond the office. That's what a custom corporate order iPad case offers.

Crafted meticulously in the USA with the utmost care, these handcrafted cases embody excellence in form and function. Its book-bound construction oozes elegance and sophistication, making it a striking companion in any corporate setting.

The best part? You can send in your logo and personalize this case to represent your company and organization's identity accurately.

Each custom case provides maximum protection for your device without inhibiting functionality. Plus, the foldable cover lets you effortlessly position your iPad at various angles, optimizing viewing comfort and usability.

To get started, navigate to the corporate orders page and complete the form.

Key Features

  • Expertly Handmade: These custom corporate iPad cases feature traditional crafting techniques, giving your brand identity a lasting impression and uncompromised quality.
  • Highly Customizable: From the type of material to adding your logo, you get to create a case that truly expresses your company's unique identity.
  • Auto Sleep/Wake Function: Every case features Smart Cover technology, which automatically puts your device to sleep when closed and wakes it up when opened.
  • Multi-Angle Viewing: This case allows you to adjust the viewing angle of your device to your preferred position in both portrait and landscape modes.


  • Cases are made from premium materials that are built to withstand everyday use
  • They are available for almost every model and generation of iPad
  • Its book-style design adds a touch of sophistication while offering comprehensive protection
  • These cases are exclusively designed for bulk orders


  • The elastic stylus holder may wear with constant use
  • The case may come at a higher price as a premium product with personalized branding and handcrafted quality

2. Best for Minimalist Look

Made with unparalleled expertise by skilled craftsmen boasting over 20 years of bookbinding experience, this case sets the standard for refined elegance on the corporate scene.

Slim yet incredibly durable, the Classic Black iPad case embraces minimalism without compromising protection—perfect for any industry.

It features a thoughtfully designed tray that provides a snug fit for your device and ensures that all edges are shielded from everyday bumps and scratches. But despite its comprehensive protection, every camera and port remains easily accessible, allowing seamless functionality.

Plus, you'll love the braided nylon elastic closure that keeps your iPad case closed when not in use.

Key Features

  • Exceptional craftsmanship: With its durable eco-friendly core and high-quality bookbinding cloth, this case protects your iPad while maintaining a slim and lightweight appearance.
  • Pencil Loop: With a pencil loop included, your stylus or Apple Pencil is easily accessible and can be stored securely.
  • Compatibility: This case fits a wide range of iPad models, ensuring you can find the perfect fit regardless of your device's generation or size.
  • Customization Options: With a monogram option, you can add your initials or a name, making the case uniquely yours and reflecting your corporate identity.


  • Every Classic Black iPad Case is made by local artisans who are known for their commitment to quality and attention to detail
  • You have the option to add a gold foil monogram for extra personalization
  • Its slim profile and minimalist aesthetic make it an excellent choice for businesses seeking a clean and sophisticated look


  • Production time may be longer for bulk orders due to customization and handcrafting processes
  • The elastic loop may wear over time

3. Best for High End

Executive Leather iPad Case ⏐  $89.95

Step into the boardroom confidently and express elegance and grace with the Executive Leather iPad Case. Meticulously handcrafted with stitched leather, this case exudes durability and undeniable charm, making it the apt choice for businesses seeking a high-end feel.

The book-style design enhances its professional appeal, while the colored leather spine and complementary leather cover add uniqueness and refinement. With a variety of leather color combinations, you're able to find the perfect match to your corporate aesthetic. 

This exquisite craftsmanship not only serves as a striking visual accent but also reinforces the strength and durability of the case. Lightweight yet durable, this case offers the ideal combination of protection and portability.

Key Features

  • Elegantly Crafted: Every case features stitched leather that exudes elegance and sophistication.
  • Stylish and Practical Design: Professional and upscale, this case makes a standout accessory in any corporate environment.
  • Multiple Viewing Modes: Whether reading documents or giving presentations, this versatility offers optimal comfort and convenience.
  • Accessibility: Despite protecting your device, this cover offers full access to all ports, buttons, and cameras.


  • With its attractive aesthetics and robust construction, the case ensures a secure and protected iPad experience
  • This case effortlessly elevates your iPad's aesthetic, making it suitable for boardroom meetings and high-end corporate settings
  • Smart Cover technology and a versatile stand ensure seamless, on-the-go productivity
  • The genuine leather exterior provides superior protection against anything a corporate setting has to offer


  • The leather requires some maintenance to keep it looking brand new
  • These cases are slightly more expensive than other bulk order cases

4. Best for Rugged Protection

Otterbox Defender Series Pro ⏐  $71.96

Otterbox Defender Series Pro provides strength, durability, and ultimate protection for your iPad. This remarkable case is a must-have for corporate orders seeking maximum device protection.

Constructed to withstand the most demanding challenges, this case boasts multi-layer protection, ensuring your iPad remains safe from accidental drops, bumps, and scratches. 

The rugged design offers a streamlined yet robust appearance, making it well-suited to professional settings where durability is essential.

And if you need to prop it up to complete a report, view a training video, or take notes, it has a 4-position stand that lets you work with ease. Plus, the stand doubles as a touchscreen shield when it's not in use.

Key Features

  • Drop-tested: The case combines a streamlined design with rugged durability even in demanding environments.
  • Shield Stand: The shield stand provides stability so you can concentrate on your work.
  • Apple Pencil Storage: The case includes dedicated storage space for your Apple Pencil. It keeps your stylus secure, allowing quick and easy access whenever you need it.


  • The case provides multi-layered protection, safeguarding your iPad against accidental drops, bumps, and scratches
  • Its streamlined design of the case strikes a balance between ruggedness and professionalism


  • The robust construction of the case may add some bulk to your iPad
  • The case doesn't offer any customization options
  • While they do have a large stock of cases, there is no specific place for bulk orders
  • The case offers limited color options compared to other models

5. Best for Maximum Productivity


Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro ⏐  $299

The Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 11-inch (4th generation) and iPad Air (5th generation) is a no-brainer for businesses that need to arm their employees with mobile workstations. 

Its backlit keys and ergonomic design are a perfect combination that's sure to enhance productivity when your team is on the go. 

These cases feature a built-in stand that lets you find the optimal viewing angle for any task, from typing up reports to participating in video conferences.

Even though it doesn't look like much, the slim, lightweight case is designed to protect what matters most—your device.

Key Features

  • Supports Multi-touch Gestures and Cursors: The Magic Keyboard integrates with iPadOS, enabling smooth navigation using Multi-Touch gestures and the cursor.
  • Protective Design: When not in use, the Magic Keyboard folds into a protective case, providing full front and back protection for your iPad Pro or iPad Air.
  • USB-C Port for Charging: This feature frees up the iPad's port for other accessories, enabling you to connect additional devices and accessories without hassle.


  • Thanks to the keyboard's backlit keys and responsive scissor mechanism, you can type with precision and efficiency
  • Apple products are typically well stocked and available for bulk orders


  • As a premium Apple product, this is the most expensive case on the list
  • It's not truly customizable and only comes in a limited number of colors
  • It's not designed for every iPad model
  • When you only use the iPad, it is not always protected because you have to take it out of the case

Explore More Cases

Choosing the right iPad case for your team protects your investment and enhances productivity. There are several options out there. But the cases in our list are a good starting point.

However, if you're looking for more, explore our full range. We offer a wide variety of cases for corporate orders. DODOCases are expertly handcrafted by experienced artisans using premium materials.

These cases stack up in aesthetics and function. And with our customization options, you can let your brand's identity shine.

Ready to make those orders? Go to our corporate orders page and get started.

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