Just like everyone else, we anxiously await the announcement and release of the new iPads. Apple is very secretive about their new products and, unfortunately, we do not receive any of the new details until they release them to the public via an Apple Event. This is where the R&D department starts. We can’t create new cases until we receive the iPads from Apple just like everyone else. 

As soon as we receive the new iPads from Apple, we run through a checklist that includes…

  • Resizing for new dimensions and thickness.
  • Finding magnet locations and polarity for sleep/wake functionality.
  • Apple Pencil compatibility and charging.
  • Confirming charging ports, buttons and speaker locations.
  • Camera and camera port measurements, redesigns and new cutting dies.

With those steps complete, we can begin designing new DODOcases, incorporating any changes Apple made that differ from the previous iPad model. We then rigorously test the fit, function and stability of the new cases before filling orders and shipping them to you guys! 

So how long will the “pre-order” time be? Once we receive the iPad we start the design work immediately. If there are significant changes in dimensions or thickness, it could add design time as we make sure the sleep/wake functionality works and that the iPads fit correctly into their trays. But we do expect to have DODOcases for the new iPads ready to ship within 2-3 weeks of us receiving the new iPads from Apple. 

Please feel free to reach out to thenest@dodocase.com with any additional questions or concerns.