Yep that's the big one. What kind of case do you put that monster in.  Never fear DODOcase has you covered with all kinds of cases. We handcraft all our phone covers with premium materials, reviewed, and tested in our workshop. You are going to love your new DODOcase!

The Lorna iPhone Wallet Case for your X Max is a super protective case made from premium leather and book cloth, bound into a convenient pocket wallet with room for cards, cash and more. The Lorna iPhone wallet case ensures that you'll have everything you need in hand when running out the door with just your phone. It's stylish and super useful all at once.  The premium leather develops a rich smooth patina over time, meaning the iPhone case gets better looking the longer and more you use it.

Want something slimmer?  Our Cardcase and Shookproof cases for iPhone Xs Max are the thing. They both are very slim and allow you to hold up to 4 cards on the back! 

Also take a look at our Leather Kickstand Case.  These cases allow you to still carry your credit cards but also go hands free when watching a video, surfing the internet or social media, or Facetiming.  Simply kick out the back part and set your phone up to view.  Or you can also turn it horizontal for a wider screen shot.  With the X Max that's almost a small TV.

If you would like the more Bookcase style option we have all kinds of choices Our stock collection features an array of beautiful metallic colors which are great for the holidays, but if you're going for a different look - no fret, you can custom design your own BOOKcase to your exact liking. Now that's a pretty cool option! Become a creator and make your own iPhone case, everyone will want to know where you got it. Start the design process in our iPhone Customizer.  You can now choose your own colors or designs for credit card pockets and four different leather spine colors. Make it your own special case!

Maybe you'd prefer not to have a case on your phone. That's cool too; we get it. That's why we offer you the Durables iPhone Wallet.  Both are great for when you're running out the door and want some added convenience. The Durable Wallet provides premium leather pockets for cards and cash with a nice snug waxed canvas sleeve for your phone. Simple, easy and handsome, this is a great carrying case that can slip into your pocket or protect your phone getting tossed into a bag. 

We hope you found the perfect case (or two) to meet all your carrying needs. Thank you for supporting our local U.S. operation where makers and creators come together everyday to deliver top quality and superior functioning products!

Available for Models: A1921, A2101, A2102, A2104