So you went with the smaller iPhone offering. Well no worries, we still have cases to fit your most used tech device and we didn't skimp on the offerings! We've got iPhone 5 cases and iPhone SE cases to meet your every need. The iPhone 5 and iPhone SE are interchangeable in size so any one of our cases will fit either iPhone. 

You've decided you'd like to combine your wallet and your phone. We get it and that's why we created the Lorna iPhone wallet for the iPhone 5 and iPhone SE. It's like a premium leather wallet, but also happens to have a tray for your phone to snap into. The Lorna Wallet has plenty of room for cards, cash, receipts, business cards or whatever else you might need on hand. Everything is held together with an elastic and you'll be so happy to only need to keep track of one item rather than both your phone and wallet!

If there's no way you're going to ditch your wallet, we get that too. That's why we created the CARDcase for iPhone SE and iPhone 5. iPhone 5 sleeves provide a minimal shell case for your phone with the added convenience of a handsome leather pocket on the back that can fit 3-4 cards. Not to mention you can monogram it! Let's be honest, everyone can use the CARDcase. You'll find the back pocket so useful, you'll wonder how you ever survived without - trust us, we're right there with you!

If you came to DODOcase, because we're all about protecting the art of bookbinding and you love the feel of a book in your hand. Then stick with BOOKcase for iPhone 5 and iPhone SE. Just like the title implies, the case turns your phone into a book. It's handy simple case that offers good protection, great disguise and some bonus privacy. We love the BOOKcase because it's easy, lightweight, and deflects the distraction of having your phone sitting out on the table at all times. The BOOKcase is offered in four classic colors: blue, green, red and gray. Want to spice things up a bit? Then design your own BOOKcase for iPhone 5 or iPhone SE. Get creative with all our different color and pattern options and leave your mark on it by adding a monogram to the front cover. It's so easy and you're guaranteed to love the finished product! Get started creating your own iPhone BOOKcase in our Customizer here

What you might not know, is that we also offer hand sewn cases made in our SF stitchery. Checkout the Durables iPhone Wallet for iPhone 5 and iPhone SE or our Leather and Canvas Phone Clutch. The Durables Wallet is a stately sleeve that has pockets for cash and cards. Simply slip your phone and payment essentials in the colorful pockets and off you go. Combining both premium leather accent pockets and durable waxed canvas, these iPhone 5 protective cases are both rugged and refined, and will certainly fetch you compliments.

For the ladies out there, we bring you the Leather and Canvas Phone Clutch. It works great as a going-out clutch or wallet, but provides the immense convenience of being able to fit your phone in the main inside pocket or tucked into the back pocket. The interior has dividers for cards and cash so everything is neatly separate yet easily accessible. Grab lunch, run to the store for takeout, meet your friend for coffee or head out for a night on the town and all you need is this fabulous Clutch! It holds everything and looks great, no matter the occasion.  

We know you'll appreciate the love and care with which each of our cases is made and we hope you'll recommend us to your friends and come back for future case needs. Thank you for supporting our small manufacturing business in the heart of the U.S.A.!