The iPhone SE (2020/2nd Gen) is available and we have everything you need. Now that you have ordered it, you need to protect it and we have all the different options you need to finish out that great new phone.  From premium leather wallet cases to slim lightweight single card cases to designing your own custom phone case in our customizer to make it uniquely your own.

The Elegant Lorna iPhone cases are for the individual that likes an all in one package.  The leather encases your phone perfectly and has pockets on the inside to hold cards and a larger back pocket to place money or receipts.  We use rich Pergamena leather to give them a soft supple feel but very durable.  The smaller iPhone cases will have two pockets while the Plus's or Max's will have three.  As with all leather the cases will earn their Patina over time giving it an even richer look.

Facetime, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook are all right at your fingertips or Face ID these days with our Kickstand Leather case.  This lightweight case has the added feature of a hand stitched leather flap on the back side.  This flap is magnetically held closed when not in use but when you want to prop your iPhone up on your desk or table it simply kicks out to allow for great horizontal and vertical viewing of your screen.  The Leather Kickstand case comes with two card pockets so you can carry around everything you need with you.  You can still wireless charge with this case but you do need to watch the number of cards you are carrying.

For those of you who like the feel and look of the new iPhone SE (2020/2nd Gen) without a case we still offer a beautiful waxed canvas and leather durable wallet.  This sleeve lets you slip your phone in and out quickly and easily but still offers protection for when it is traveling in your pocket or purse.  The leather on the sides have built in pockets so you can also throw a couple of cards or cash in when you are ready to hit the town or simply go to the grocery store.

Want a upscale look and feel with great functionality.  The All Leather Angle View might be your case.  The panels are wrapped in premium bonded leather with a wide array of color selections.  The spines are made from Pergamena leather and they are all stitched together to make strong but elegant case.  The back panel has a Tyvek reinforced hinge so that you can view movies or videos in horizontal mode completely hands free.  We top all this with card pockets on the inside and an elastic closure to keep everything tight together when not in use.

Whatever style you need we have it here for you.  All our cases are hand crafted right here in the U.S. by artisans.  We appreciate your support and hope you love your new iPhone SE (2020/2nd Gen) and case!