Check out our iPhone cases.  We have styles and designs to meet every occasion and need.  We pride ourselves on creating high quality phone cases right here in the United States. 

The Lorna Wallet Case is a stylish solution for those that wish to combine their iPhone and wallet.  Multiple card slots securely hold identification, credit cards, metro cards and similar.  A larger slot behind the cards is great for carrying cash or storing a couple of receipts.  The wrap around design and sturdy polymer tray protect your phone when not in use.   Made from vegetable tanned premium leather, these wallets will naturally develop a smooth rich patina with use. 

Looking for a way to carry a couple of cards, but don’t want add heft to your new iPhone 8?  Then our minimalist CARDcase is for you.  A single leather pocket on the back of our slimmest iPhone tray provides an elegant way to carry up to four credit, debit or identification cards.  You’ll hardly notice that the case it there, but your essential cards will be at your fingertips.   Available in chestnut and black leather with optional monogramming.

Add a little intrigue to your iPhone 8 with our BOOKcase.  Tucked into the BOOKcase, your iPhone could easily pass as small, smartly bound book.   Two bookbound panels with a flexible leather spine hold and protect your phone while giving it a studious yet sophisticated look.  Opens just like a book.   The front panel provides a little privacy from prying eyes.  Pick out your own colors, materials and patterns using our Customizer here. 

Like your iPhone 8 just the way it is?  Not into phone cases? Check out our Durables iPhone Wallet and our Leather and Canvas iPhone Clutch Wallet.  Slip you phone into either and head out the door with a full complement of essentials.   Both wallets securely hold your iPhone, cash, cards and more.   

All our IPhone cases are made right here in the United States.  We pride ourselves on the quality of the craftsmanship and materials used in their construction.  We hope we’ve created the perfect case for you.  Thank you for interest and support of our handcrafted, US made iPhone cases!

Available in Models: A1864, A1898, A1899, A1897