The iPhone 11 Pro is here and we have everything you need.  With its brand new three camera system this phone is surely going to become one of the favorites.  With that kind of price tag you need to really think about what style case you want to pair it with.  

Our iPhone Customizer has been completely revamped to now allow even more customization.  Choose from 26 six different materials, 4 premium leather colors for spines, 28 colors for the inside liner or pockets, and 13 soft double braided elastic closures....that is thousands of possibilities! 

Our Shockproof Leather cases offers sleek minimalist lines with a rich leather look and feel.  Specifically built to take drops on the sides and corners this case offers great protection.  Its all you need to grab and go out to face the world.  The card case is designed to hold up to two cards in it, perfect for a drivers license and debit card.  The leather pocket can stretch to hold more cards if you tend to carry more but just know the leather does not shrink back. You can use your wireless charger with this case as well but just need to be aware of the number of cards in the pocket and that none of them are the new metal cards.

The Elegant Lorna iPhone cases are for the individual that likes an all in one package.  The Lorna was created so you could carry everything you need, your phone (obviously), multiple Card pockets for credit cards and drivers liscense, and even a back pocket to hold cash/    We use rich Pergamena leather to give them a soft supple feel but very durable.  The iPhone Pro 11 case would come with two card pockets.  As with all leather the cases will earn their Patina over time giving it an even richer look.

Facetime, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook are all right at your fingertips or Face ID these days with our Kickstand Leather case.  This lightweight case has the added feature of a hand stitched leather flap on the back side.  Simply open the flap and stand the case up on its side or on end and the flap will act as its "kickstand" allowing you to have both your hands to accomplish other tasks.  The Leather Kickstand case comes with two card pockets so you can carry around everything you need with you. 

For those of you who like the feel and look of the new iPhone 11 Pro without a case we still offer a beautiful waxed canvas and leather durable wallet.  Carry your phone in this protective sleeve so that the pretty screen or those three cameras don't get scratched while in your bag or pocket.  The leather on the sides have built in pockets so you can also throw a couple of cards or cash in when you are ready to hit the town or simply go to the grocery store. 

Want a upscale look and feel with great functionality.  The All Leather Angle View might be your case.  Wrapped in bonded leather with a Pergamena leather spine stitched to it, this makes a strong and elegant case.  The back panel has a Tyvek reinforced hinge so that you can view movies or videos in horizontal mode completely hands free.  The inside of the case comes with two credit card pockets that are sewn for added durability.

Whatever style you need we have it here for you.  All our cases are hand crafted right here in the U.S. by artisans.  We appreciate your support and hope you love your new iPhone 11 Pro and case!