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This computer case provides a snug fit for your laptop and offers great protection from getting banged up to and from the office or school, in and out of your bag, and wherever else you may wander with your laptop.

Make a statement with a stylish MacBook case

The Leather Laptop Portfolio allows you to carry notebooks, folders, pens, and other necessities in addition to your laptop. It's a great carry-all laptop case made of full grain logger's leather, which exhibits natural wear and vintage distress that adds to the personality of this classic case. The Leather Laptop Portfolio can fit a laptop as big as the MacBook Pro 13" and any smaller laptop. The actual product dimensions are 15.5" x .75" x 10". 

The laptop Durables Sleeve is a protective sleeve made specifically for a MacBook Air 11" or MacBook Air 13". The MacBook protective sleeves are both rugged and refined, featuring a durable waxed canvas exterior, cotton twill interior, and premium leather accents.

The MacBook Sleeve doubles as a protective cushion for your laptop to rest on while you're doing work on it, so you can prevent the bottom of your computer from getting scratched. It also helps keep your computer in place. The Durables Sleeve is offered in three classic colors: navy, black, and sage, but each one has a colorful cotton twill liner providing a pop of color: red, khaki, and poppy orange respectively.