Leather Pen Holder Attachment

Color: Blue

Designer Leather Accessory

The Leather Pen Holder Attachment allows you to always have a pen on hand when you need it most.  It's a simple leather wrap that allows you to snap your pen onto any notebook or planner with an elastic closure - think Moleskine Notebooks. It features an optional beautiful gold foil-stamped monogram, so not only will you always have your pen, but your possessions will be clearly marked as yours. Simply snap the leather holder around the elastic and then slide your pen into place, giving your notebook or day planner a handsome little leather addition.

The Pen Holder stays attached to your notebook elastic, so you always have a place to stick your pen when not in use. Never again be caught empty handed when you most need to jot a note or number. Conveniently, the Leather Pen Holder Attachment can be used with any iPad DODOcase or even our iPhone BOOKcase and Lorna Wallet Case, should you want to carry a pen or stylus with your phone or iPad. 

The Leather Pen Holder is made out of premium environmentally friendly Pergamena Leather available in 3 color options: Red, Blue, and Black.

This Pen Holder makes the perfect little gift or accessory on it's own, but we made it to pair with our Leather Cord Wrap and Blowfish Leather Headphone Wrap to provide a complete organizational system for pens and cords, as those items seem to go missing the most. Never lose a pen, your headphones or charging cable to the mess in your bag, rather have everything neatly kept in it's place ready to use at a moment's notice. You can buy all 3 items at the incredible discount of 40% off in our Leather Cord Management Bundle! Stay organized, stay happy!



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