All Leather Angle View iPhone Case

Color: Black Cover Black Spine

Your Hands Free Solution

Have you ever been watching a YouTube video, social media feed, or reading a recipe and wished you could have your hands free?  This iPhone case makes that possible with its unique ability to hinge backward for horizontal viewing.

All Leather Angle View cases are crafted featuring a premium leather spine and a complimentary colored leather cover.  The back panel is reinforced with Tyvek to help protect your iPhone and give that hinge long lasting durability.  The elastic closure doubles to hold the case closed as well as to hold the case in the horizontal viewing position.  Facetime and watching videos on your iPhone has never been so easy.

Multiple credit-card/ID pockets on the inside front cover let you carry day-to-day essentials with you in one smart package. There are two pockets for iPhone 8, X, XS, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 12, and 12 Pro.  iPhone 8+, XS MAX, 11 Pro Max, and 12 Pro Max have three pockets.  They allow for multiple different viewing modes: upright reading mode and angled viewing mode which make any kind of work or reading situation possible. 

These iPhone cases feature a low profile flexible gel tray that securely holds your phone in place.  All ports, buttons and camera are open and easily accessible.  The flexible gel tray makes inserting and removing the iPhone quick and easy.  

Not compatible with the MagSafe Charger

Not sure what model you have? Click here to view to visit Apple's Identify your iPhone model page.


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