There’s a lot to love about iPads. Want to stream movies or download music on a plane? Need to edit some photos or get a little work done from your favorite coffee shop? Have a fussy toddler who needs entertainment on a long road trip? 

No problem ― just pull out your handy dandy iPad. They’re portable, functional, and just plain cool.

You know what’s not cool, though? Cracked screens, busted camera lenses, scratches, dents, and lost accessories. 

Luckily, there’s an easy way to avoid these problems and protect your awesome (and expensive) iPad ― invest in an iPad case. But which one?

To help you choose, we’ve put together this helpful guide to the best iPad cases of 2021. Whether you’re looking for a basic case to protect against accidental drops or something with stylish flair, there’s a case on this list for you.

Best iPad Case for Business

Executive Leather iPad Case | $99.95

We love this case because it checks all the business boxes. The simple design gives off a polished and professional vibe while details like visible hand-stitching and classic color combinations up the style factor. 

It’s practical and built to last, too. The leather case is lightweight, durable, and designed to allow you to work from anywhere. 

Use the angled viewing mode to work at your desk or prop your iPad upright to read documents while you sip your morning coffee. 

Other nifty features include an elastic loop to keep your Apple Pencil (or regular pencil) secure and Smart Cover technology to help conserve battery life. Whether you do business in offices and official boardrooms or local cafes and coffee shops, you can’t go wrong with the Executive Leather iPad Case.

Most Stylish iPad Case

Two Tone Plaid iPad Case | $69.95

Let’s be honest ― for some people, style is the most important feature of an iPad case. And that’s 100% okay! We promised there was something on this list for everyone, so here’s an iPad case for you fashion-forward trendsetters.

We proudly present to you our very own Two Tone Plaid iPad Case! Plaid is both timeless and trendy, meaning this cute case will never go out of style. The colorful plaid patterns are equal parts preppy, playful, and polished ― in other words, perfect. Choose your favorite color and complete your style statement with an optional monogram. 

These cases aren’t just pretty ― they’re also seriously practical. They enable multi-angle viewing so that you can work whenever, wherever, and however you want, and they offer excellent protection against accidental drops without blocking access to ports and buttons. 

Plus, they’re compatible with Apple Smart Keyboards, giving you even more flexibility and functionality.

Most Luxurious iPad Case

Zippered iPad Pro 12.9” Leather Pouch | $369.00

If you like the finer things in life, this case is for you. Think of it as a designer jacket for your beloved iPad. Sure, it’s pricey, but there’s a long list of luxurious features to make it worth your while. 

First, there’s the 100% Premium Leather exterior for that high-end look and feel. Then there’s the extremely roomy (and microfiber-lined) interior. You can fit an iPad Pro 12.9” and an Apple Smart Keyboard folio inside and still have room for your phone, notebook, and other essentials. 

And did we mention there’s a special Apple Pencil compartment? And an interior pocket with a magnetic closure plus an exterior pocket? Well, it has those too. Plus, the whole case is super padded to keep your iPad safe and secure from cracks, scratches, and dents.

Most Value for the Money

Classic Black iPad Case | $69.95

Here’s one for the no-frills crowd. If you just want a top-quality iPad case without spending a fortune, your best option is this Classic Black iPad case. 

It has everything you need to use your iPad effectively and to protect it from accidental damage.

This case is compact, lightweight, and easily portable. The classic black book-bound cover works equally well for business and personal use and features Smart Cover technology to automatically activate your iPad’s sleep and wake cycles based on your use. 

Last but not least, the newly redesigned polymer tray provides excellent drop protection, button access, and Smart Keyboard compatibility.

Best Budget iPad Case

Speck Balance Folio iPad Case | $39.95

iPads aren’t cheap. Even the most basic model runs at around $350. But don’t worry ― even if you spent all your money on a new iPad, you can still afford a quality case. The Speck Balance Folio iPad case is budget-friendly while still offering excellent damage protection.

You don’t get Smart Keyboard compatibility or a built-in Apple Pencil holder, but you do get drop protection for up to 4 feet and the ability to adjust your iPad’s position for reading and typing. The case also comes with a generous 1 Year warranty, and you can choose from several fun color options.

Most Durable iPad Sleeve

DODOcase’s Durable Sleeve | $69.95

Not everyone wants an attached iPad case, but life on the go is rough, and you still need a way to protect your device as you carry it from place to place. The solution? DODOcase’s Durable Sleeve.

We love this iPad sleeve for three reasons. 

First, the three-layer padded waxed canvas exterior provides durable protection over years of hard use. It’s even meant to age well and develop an interesting character over time. How cool is that?

Second, this sleeve is super easy to use. There’s room for your iPad and a Smart Keyboard with both a leather snap closure and an elastic loop to keep everything securely in place. Just slip your iPad out for use and slide it right back in when it’s time to go.

And the third reason we love the Durable Sleeve? Simple ―it’s sustainably made by local craftsmen right here in the USA.

Want Even More Options?

We’ve put together a list of some of the best iPad cases of 2021, but it was really difficult to narrow down our favorites. 

For more great iPad accessories to protect your device in style, check out our latest iPad cases, covers, and sleeves here

You can find everything from hand-sewn leather Apple Watch bands to design-your-own iPhone cases ―all made in the USA!

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